Change is Inevitable

Heraclitus once said that “The only thing that is constant is Change”. Change will either make us a better or a worse person- it all depends on how we react and how we deal with these changes.

Technology is the one major thing that brings change in the world. We were only living in a simple world before until these high technologies existed and changed everything– but the pertinent question is “Did it change the world for the better?”

It is just one of the questions I always see on internet that causes debate between people with different perspectives in life. Let me be clear, I am not writing this in order to trigger a debate or argument. I just want to briefly share my thoughts about all of it.

For me, as I have noticed, technology has positively changed the way we go about our daily lives. It makes us much more advanced and productive at work. Industries like health, Education, and Communication have highly improved systems and processes.

I am not sure if there is anything left on earth that hasn’t yet been affected by the advancement of technology. I think technology has pretty much innovated everything and has brought additional benefits to so many different things, including random things like beards! Yes, I said beards. Wondering why I bring this word up in here? Well, I mentioned it for you to realize that even the simplest necessities we have are being innovated, such as the products that you use for grooming. It has also led to product expansion too. So many things are available now, even brushes just for your beard for example. Look how creative and innovative our world is now!

It just shows that technology never ceases to look for improvement, to cater for our needs in more efficient ways and eventually attempt to give us a better life. Who knows what else it will bring to our lives in the coming years.

We were astonished with our mobile phones way back but that is nothing compared to android and iphones we have today, including the apps which add extra efficiency. We’ve also witnessed how Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have gained millions of users in an incredibly short span of time.

The pace of change has accelerated very much so. I definitely agree with Heraclitus and believe that nothing is permanent except change.